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Reasons Panacota candles make the best gifts for your family and friends

Wanting to show your family and friends some extra love? 
Either for a special occasion or just because, our hand-poured, high-quality wax base and beautiful scents make our candles sure to bring a smile to anyone you're shopping for. Here are some of the reasons why our candles are the best :

1. They smell really good. 
Our candles are made with premium-quality ingredients ( wax, wicks and fragrances) and are hand-poured in the United States for the perfect blend of quality and aromatic enjoyment. Whether you're having a dinner party or settling down for a nice night in, you'll want to keep them lit all the time.

2. They are perfect for any ocassion
Let's be honest, who doesn't enjoy candles? Candles, in general, are one of the most adaptable gift alternatives available, since they are crowd-pleasers and work well in a variety of festive themes, such as housewarmings, wedding showers, and other events.

3. They are long-lasting and can be enjoyed every day
Panacota candles are hand-poured and designed to last, so your loved one will be able to enjoy their gift long after it has been unwrapped. Soy wax is a natural, non-toxic wax that burns slower and melts more evenly than other waxes, making it ideal for transporting our signature smells. Our 8 oz candles have a 50-55 hour burn time, giving your loved one more opportunities to light the flame and enjoy the smell. Finally, our candles are specifically made to become part of your day-to-day routine, with refreshing and relaxing scents your recipient will want to have burning both morning and night.

4. They are great for men and women 
Candles are great gender-neutral gifts, especially when they’re available in an assortment of scents and packaged with a sleek, modern design. Panacota candles make excellent presents for both men and women, and their minimalist aesthetic will work with anyone’s home decor.


5. They come in a variety of unique scents
We carry specialty natural scents you won’t find anywhere else. Panacota candles are not your typical market candle. 


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